The Beat Goes on For Burberry Womens’ Perfume

Burberry perfume brand has evolved perfectly into today’s fashion and fragrance style. The changes we have experienced have been through culture, style and attitude. Modern society created this change through advancement and progress. Burberry men’s colognes and women’s fragrances represent what was, is and what will be the cool perfume to wear.

Burberry’s The Beat perfume is a exploding burst of energy, yet, in as sophisticated a manner as such an outburst could possibly be. It is as much a feeling as it is a womens fragrance. Such a mood that is bottled for women with a fashion and fragrance style sets the standard for today’s modern and sophisticated women all over.

The bottle for Burberry’s The Beat perfume has a chic yet uncomplicated shape. From the chrome tip down to the neck has the lines of femininity. Burberry’s The Beat perfume have curves and lines and are smooth and sharp at the same time. Like the women who wear this fragrance, the Burberry bottle is sassy and sophisticated.

Yet, the smooth curve of the bottle screams sexuality and unmentionable beauty. The blending of the metal into the glass of the bottle reinforces this duality. The simply adorned suede strap naturally lends the bottle to the chronicles of the Burberry design anthology.

Simple and serendipitous at the same time is the motto for the design of this pure, all white packaging for The Beat fragrance. The box opens like a matchbox, revealing the metallic inner lining. This luminescence displays the beautifully crafted bottle and the energy it exudes. The fragrance is there for the women who are ready to wear it.

The notes to the Burberry The Beat fragrance as musical as they are colorful. The whole experience relates the combination of joy and welcomed uncertainty which envelops the modern, motivated woman. Coming from a fragrance family of floral, woody notes that are crisp and sparkle, the aroma of The Beat is packed with energy and youthfulness.

The top layer of this fragrance hints of pink pepper and cardamom. It’s a mixture of iris and Ceylon tea, complete with the floral softness of bluebell. The undertones have a smoky, earthy scents of cedar wood and musk. In it’s completion, the perfume comes together in a mixture of earthy and ethereal notes that encapsulates the mood of this delightful women’s fragrance.

Burberry’s The Beat womens perfume relates a specialized and unique reworking of the original eau de parfum to the customer. Created not only for the modern woman, but for the modern woman who seeks exclusivity, The Beat creates a fragrance to embody the mood, passion and individuality of all that is now.