Things to Know About Burberry Watches for Men

The watch is quite easily identifiable object that shows the taste and style of anyone. If you wish to present a stylish, luxurious, yet modern outlook the Burberry watches are the right brand to look for especially for the men.

The main reason for the popularity of the Burberry watches is the stress on the luxury. This is trusted brand for top notch quality and precision for the stylish men. The stratified customers of this brand include celebrities from every walk of life and country.

Being one of leading brand for more a century and half, Burberry is popular not only for watches, jewelry but also the great clothing line and other accessories as well. The classic tartan can easily considered to be the most replicated design that has been the trademark of Burberry right from start.

Burberry has been established as brand for almost 150 years, right from the start in the South East England, this brand has also been associated with the creation of the water proof cloth that is being used in almost every part of world. Many famous innovations are associated with this design house including the trench coat that is standard uniform for so many armies around the world.

This prestigious brand is the very name that as associated with the luxury, precision and unmatched engineering. These watches have been popular among the leaders, the decision makers, and stylish people around the world. Having the Burberry watch is the best gift that you can give to yourself as wearing them one can easily feel the esteemed, perfect and exceptionally stylish.

The association of the success and luxury to the Burberry brand can easily lift the seemingly plain personality to the great heights of fashion and modernity in just few seconds. While the immediate effect of wearing these watches is the prestige, and understated design, the wearer can automatically gain the power and feeling of wellbeing that is associated with them instantly.

Burberry The Beat For Men – 5 Things You Must Know Before Buying This Great Fragrance

1. Burberry The Beat Cologne

Burberry The Beat is known for its distinct citrusy, woodsy and peppery fragrance that enhances a man’s masculine appeal. Burberry says that this cologne represents all the characteristics of a modern man. It’s totally masculine and sophisticated with an effortless and original identity.

The leatherwood in this Burberry cologne emanates a unique appeal that is a pleasant contrast to the vetiver bourbon and violet leaves accord, and it is highlighted by the sharp scent of spicy black pepper cedrat.

2. The Creators of Burberry The Beat

Burberry The Beat Cologne was launched in 2008. It was the result of the hard work of two famous perfumers Domitille Bertier and Oliver Polge, who used music to come up with this fantastic fragrance.

These two are not new to the fragrance industry as they have already created several best-selling fragrances for Victor & Rolf and Christian Dior. Their collaboration for Victor & Rolf was called Flowerbomb. They created it in 2004 and it is now one of the most popular fragrances of this decade.

Domitille Bertier is also behind amazing women’s fragrances like Cacharel Liberet, Cacharel Noa Perle and Thierry Mugler Miroir des Secrets. On the other hand, Oliver Polge has collaborated with other perfumers to create remarkable men’s cologne and women’s fragrances like Azarro Visit, Bulgari Eau Parfum au The Rouge, Clinique Happy Heart, Diesel Only The Brave, Dior Dior Homme, Dior Pure Poison, Emmanuel Ungaro Apparition Homme, Giorgio Armani Code, Guerlain Cuir Beluga, Jil Sander Jil, Kenzo Kenzo Power, La Perla Blue, Lancome Miracle Forever, Liz Claiborne Bora Bora, Moschino Friends Men, Robert Verino Gold, Salvatore Ferragamo F for Fascinating and Salvatore Ferragamo F by Ferragamo Pour Homme.

3. Burberry The Beat Smells Like…

This new addition to the Burberry cologne line is similar to L’eau Par Kenzo Ice because of the fresh, clean feeling of the cold citrus aroma. However, this is a bit different from Kenzo’s Ice because after some time this becomes warmer and delightfully spicy.

Its fresh citrus scent is somewhat similar to CK One Summer. The nice fruity blend is long lasting and will leave you smelling pleasant all day.

The Beat’s mild peppery fragrance is similar to Armani Diamonds. This Burberry cologne, an urbanely interesting creation, combines two important characteristics in men; mysteriousness and sex-appeal. When The Beat warms up to a soft amber scent, it becomes quite similar to Burberry Brit.

4. Women Love the Smell of Burberry The Beat Cologne

Women just love it when their men wear Burberry The Beat Cologne. They love its fresh and unique scent that brings out the youth in their husbands or boyfriends. Wives think that its practical for their husbands to use The Beat as its fragrance lasts very long.

5. Modern and Sophisticated Men Use The Beat

Those who wear this men’s cologne for the first time immediately know that this fragrance is different. It is superbly modern but also sophisticated and definitely sexy. It is a good complement for the modern man who wants to radiate with power and confidence.

Guide on How to Choose Men’s Watches

If you are looking for a men’s watch suited to your needs, go for a kind of watch which cost more but has distinct features and precious metal compositions. These kinds of men’s watches are meticulously crafted and have unfolded into perfection through time. Thus, quality is not a question. We speak here of designer men’s watch, your best choice to the kind of watch. Burberry men’s watches belong to this classification of watches.

Watches are known to be the most the most worn jewellery for men. It does not only function to give the owner time updates but also as a stylish accessory that complements to the type of man’s personality. Unlike women, men seldom change their watches in accordance to the colour and style of their dress and the occasion. Their watches are kept in their wrists always. Most men do not like to change jewellery more often. So their watches must be of superb quality and necessarily, buying one involves some careful considerations.

A sports men’s watch is recommended for a man who are inclined to indoor and indoor sports. Most sports watches are streamlined and compact with specialized bands that make wearers experience the desired comfort even they are on the go of extreme physical actions. Try to find out men’s watches with features like stop watch and heart rate monitors so you, as a sport enthusiast can use it while on play.

For those men of public figure, managers and with daily routines that are confined in the office, luxury men’s watch is the best choice. These stylish and luxury watches referred to are watches with high quality workmanship, elegant designs and with bands made of precious metals and some may have some pieces of precious stones in the watch’s parts like the face and bracelets. These men’s watches guarantee a lifelong durability which usually require costly investment; however, it is worth its price.

There are men who prefer to keep abreast with fashion trends so the kind of men’s watch fitted for them are casual watches that display recent designs complementary to the different looks and outfit. These men are usually the younger ones who update themselves to the chic. So, the best watches for them are those watches which are new in the market and with trendy designs.

Antique men’s watch can also be any man’s choice if he would like to see himself wearing same kind of watch as he gets older by years. It is also worth an investment for its style never fades in time or shall we say, its value increases through time.

And so, the best and final clue in choosing the right men’s watch for you is the value of the watch in terms of durability and your desired comfort. Fit it in before buying one to better decide if it’s the kind of watch you have to spend your hard earned money with.

For a wide selection of men’s watches, Burberry watches can be the best answer. It has a wide array of watches to choose from that are all well-crafted and with timepieces worth investing. Visit their online stores and authorized distributors to personally select the best one.

The Beat Goes on For Burberry Womens’ Perfume

Burberry perfume brand has evolved perfectly into today’s fashion and fragrance style. The changes we have experienced have been through culture, style and attitude. Modern society created this change through advancement and progress. Burberry men’s colognes and women’s fragrances represent what was, is and what will be the cool perfume to wear.

Burberry’s The Beat perfume is a exploding burst of energy, yet, in as sophisticated a manner as such an outburst could possibly be. It is as much a feeling as it is a womens fragrance. Such a mood that is bottled for women with a fashion and fragrance style sets the standard for today’s modern and sophisticated women all over.

The bottle for Burberry’s The Beat perfume has a chic yet uncomplicated shape. From the chrome tip down to the neck has the lines of femininity. Burberry’s The Beat perfume have curves and lines and are smooth and sharp at the same time. Like the women who wear this fragrance, the Burberry bottle is sassy and sophisticated.

Yet, the smooth curve of the bottle screams sexuality and unmentionable beauty. The blending of the metal into the glass of the bottle reinforces this duality. The simply adorned suede strap naturally lends the bottle to the chronicles of the Burberry design anthology.

Simple and serendipitous at the same time is the motto for the design of this pure, all white packaging for The Beat fragrance. The box opens like a matchbox, revealing the metallic inner lining. This luminescence displays the beautifully crafted bottle and the energy it exudes. The fragrance is there for the women who are ready to wear it.

The notes to the Burberry The Beat fragrance as musical as they are colorful. The whole experience relates the combination of joy and welcomed uncertainty which envelops the modern, motivated woman. Coming from a fragrance family of floral, woody notes that are crisp and sparkle, the aroma of The Beat is packed with energy and youthfulness.

The top layer of this fragrance hints of pink pepper and cardamom. It’s a mixture of iris and Ceylon tea, complete with the floral softness of bluebell. The undertones have a smoky, earthy scents of cedar wood and musk. In it’s completion, the perfume comes together in a mixture of earthy and ethereal notes that encapsulates the mood of this delightful women’s fragrance.

Burberry’s The Beat womens perfume relates a specialized and unique reworking of the original eau de parfum to the customer. Created not only for the modern woman, but for the modern woman who seeks exclusivity, The Beat creates a fragrance to embody the mood, passion and individuality of all that is now.