Burberry Eyeglasses – Get High on Style!

If you wish to be a head-turner, style icon with oomph factor you got to have a pair of Burberry eyeglasses. They can transform your jaded looks into a glamorous one.

Burberry was found in Basingstoke, Hampshire way back in 1856 by a former draper’s apprentice – Thomas Burberry. Now the brand has stores and franchise boutiques around the world. Burberry today is fortifying its strength, building upon its rich heritage with constant research and innovation. Enhancing the aspirational value of its products by smartly blending learnings from the past with requirements of the future.

Burberry eyeglasses are epitome of style. Every design spells attitude and class. With suave looking acetate or metal frames in rectangular and butterfly shapes these designer eyeglasses have unisex appeal. Usually Burberry designer glasses are large in size offering grip and more covering area. They are creative in their choice of colors and shape of frames. The most outstanding design being Burberry checks etched on colored frames. A good choice for men with sophisticated taste would be the BE1017 eyeglasses, characterized by their novel styling and rich quality. They go well with corporate looks as well as lounge wear. For women who wish to make a style statement Burberry BE 2007 (Flex) Eyeglasses are perfect. Oversize square eyeglasses with broad arms and well-defined temples engraved with the Burberry logo. They are available in shiny black and violet to compliment your office and evening wear.

Classicism and functionality are the essence of the Burberry brand. Keeping this in mind comes the Burberry 1110 eyeglasses for men. Durable, fashionable, semi-rimless they reflect aristocracy in every aspect. Burberry 1096 eyeglasses for men revise the classic British style of neutral frames to suit today’s dynamic fashion. Available in gold, gunmetal, dark copper and shiny black colors they add zing to life. Then there is the Burberry 1067 eyeglasses for women in flex nylon metal frame. Semi-rimless in style it brings alive the old-world charm for the modern women.

Due to its endurance power and quality, Burberry was the outfitter of choice for explorers and adventurers. This inspiration led to the designing of models like Burberry BE1079 or appealing to men and women of all ages. In bold designs and thick frames these luxury eyeglasses from Burberry empower your looks. The broad temples of these eyeglasses bear a laser engraved Burberry logo in a variety of colors including black, grey, brown, crystal, check and blue.

Don’t think twice, go for Burberry eyeglasses. If your style statement happens to become the topic of dinner-table gossips and boardroom discussions, you know whom to thank!

Burberry Watches

Burberry is a world recognised luxury brand that has earned a reputation for quality coupled with classic elegance design. UK’s Burberry brand was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in southeast England. Careful attention to detail in the years that have followed has earned Burberry a loyal worldwide following. Committed to quality and innovation during its 150 history has lead Burberry in creative new directions giving the firm a reputation for quality, steady design and forward thinking. Burberry recognises quality counts throughout its collections of women’s wear, men’s wear and accessories.

Burberry’s attention to detail is unsurpassed within the fashion market. No where is Burberry’s attention to detail more apparent than in its authentic watch collections.

Quality timepieces abound within the Burberry brand. Its Woman’s white patent mesh watch boasts superior design and workmanship partnered in a streamlined look. The checked broad colour and pattern of the model effortlessly transitions into its stainless steel colouring case giving the model an overall seamless effect that is attractive to wear.

The company’s Functional men’s timepieces are designed for comfort and practically. Burberry’s Men’s surf watch is a superior outdoorsmen’s timepiece boasting truly special qualities for sporting males. The practically and classic function of the piece is clear from its removable cuff feature to its solid diving bezel providing a classic timepiece for men of all ages. Burberry’s attention to detail will continue to provide the company with forward momentum into the future as it continues striving for the dream Thomas Burberry created 150 years ago.

Burberry Perfumes & Colognes, As Strong As Ever Before

The time you land in a party, you want to be the center of attraction amid all the happenings. Isn’t it? The feeling to get noticed, like a magnetic personality, is always on your mind and there is no denying the fact that you end up spending too much on this. Fashion, being an independent industry has started catering the needs of all. Wearing clothes, accessories, footwear, and jewelry attuned with the fashions are the talks of old days. Today is an era for perfumes which has found its place in this aforementioned list most recently. It has been little known that a bottle with liquid equal, when opened, can do wonders for you.

Any good attire is just incomplete with the right fragrance. Actually it is just not a fragrance to hide your body odor; it is the mood that drives you and everyone around. A fragrance explains your style statement according to the mood you are currently in. That is why it has become more a part of your dress. Well if you have the right fragrance at the right time, no wonders you can impress anyone; be it your girlfriend or a boyfriend in that case. So it is very important to have right fragrance at the right time.

Well making a choice in the midst of hundreds of thousands of brands can be a daunting task. But we hereby give you some suggestion that you can add to your wardrobe to give you an edge above others. Burberry fragrances must be the right choice for those who have a high affinity for perfumes. After establishing their name in the apparels, footwear and other accessories Burberry, a UK based brand, has stepped into this arena to make a difference. The range and the class of fragrances at Burberry are exotic.

Burberry matches with almost every style, mood and fashion. Let us discuss some of the most lucrative products from Burberry where you can also avail some astonishing prices. Burberry’s range offers you some of the best names in fragrances like Burberry Weekend, Burberry Touch, Burberry London and Burberry Beat the Heat. It must be hard to believe that Burberry debuted in the perfume manufacturing ring with Brit in 2003. And since then it has made an amazing mark in the field and won many accolades. It has become a number one choice for many after winning FIFI awards. It is one of the most trusted brands to be counted on in the Britain. No matter which version of Burberry perfume range they use, people never hesitate to give a positive rating to the line of perfumes that Burberry has managed to produce so far.

The collection that ‘Brit’ manages to provide to the users, men and women, is RED, GOLD and SHEER versions and it provides a very sugary and spicy feel in its range. Well, to some item collectors’ delight, the bottle comes in a better pleasant style and finish. With the classic range of 1920’s in Burberry’s check design, the touch of men’s and women’s trench coats can be felt.

The Burberry Brit for Women too has got wide assortment with a combination of fruit and nuts fragrances. The fragrances of amber, vanilla and token bean aroma gives an awesome feel of classic and oriental blend. The constituents are Italian Lime, Icy Pear, Green Almond, White Peony, Sugared Almonds, Amber, Mahogany, Vanilla and Tonka Bean, that can make your opposite sex go gaga over you.

The version in the Men’s range signifies the flamboyance of the contemporary British male portraying a sense of elegance and class. It is unneeded to articulate that what a great combination of juicy green mandarin and freshly cut ginger with wild rose and spicy hints of cedar wood results in an oriental woody fragrance can make. The masculine feel and the seducing appeal of a man mounts twice while they feel sexy and confident.

Burberry’s collection for women is also a must buy. To match the women’s lightness and smoothness Burberry’s Touch offers a floral green fragrance. The soft and supple nature of women can also be found on the versions like Orange, Blackberry, Black Current, Cranberry, Cassia, Red Pepper, Rose Oil, Peony, Tuberose, Lily, Raspberry, Peach, Jasmine, Lily-of-the-Valley, Vanilla, Tonka Bean, Green Almond and Cedar.

The Masculine version in the Burberry Touch for Men was introduced in the year 2002 and it comes in a very striking array of freshness, yet on mysterious notes. The style is blended with a touch of tender violets and tart mandarin with the hint of white pepper, soft and smooth Virginia wood and oak moss. The initial freshness and smoothness are replaced by a stronger and brawny touch with vetiver, white musk and tonka bean. The royalty and the elegance of an English signature are reflected in this. The contents of the particular versions are Artemisia, Violet Leaves, Mandarin Tree Leaves, White Pepper, Virginia Cedarwood, Nutmeg, Vetiver Roots and Tonka Bean.

Burberry has got a recurring assortment of perfumes, fragrances and colognes in its summer collection. Meant to beat the heat, it caters both the sexes. The Burberry summer for females is specially designed for their classic range. This fragrance enjoys crispy citrus fruity touch enhanced by delicate floral feel and cool mossy woods. The blend is so perfect that you can dip yourself on any day with scorching heat around. The ingredients of the particular range Citrus, Green Apple, Water Lily, Freesia, Rose, Woods, White Musk and Moss.

The summer version for men also comes in an outstanding mood which grasps you in a delighted experience as if you are walking through a forest on a summery day. The constituent of these types includes Pineapple, Citrus, Frozen Mint, Thyme, Woods, Cedar, White Musk and Tonka Bean.

Another name that made a mark was Burberry London which was introduced in 2006. It truly epitomizes the spirit of the London. While in the variety in the women’s line acknowledges the cosmopolitan London style statement that is sovereign, positive and tranquil.

Burberry – A British Classic

If a classic has ever been defined, the entry should begin with Burberry. This London-based luxury fashion design house has been manufacturing its distinct plaid designs for over a century, but just began making a splash into fragrances in 1981. Burberry is known for producing top quality, top of the line designs in everything they make. Perfumes are no exception. Burberry’s current line of fragrances includes seven for women and six for men.

The most noted Burberry fragrance is simply called Burberry(available for both men and women). You will also find Brit by Burberry, Burberry London, Weekend by Burberry, Touch, The Beat, Summer, Brit Red, Brit Sheer, Baby Touch (a unisex fragrance), Sport, and Burberry Summer Ladies. The flagship scent for

Burberry is best described as a sugar and spice bouquet that captures the playful London-chic spirit. This icon, along with its sister fragrance Burberry Brit, has won a Fifi Award (the highest honor in perfumery). It has been Burberry’s most lucrative fragrance. Like most of the line’s other fragrance bottles, this Burberry bottle quickly became a collector’s item. The bottle is covered in the signature Burberry Haymarket check design that became popular in the designer’s trench coats in the 1920s.

The iconic Burberry fragrance for women is not your typical ladies scent. It is an oriental/spicy mixture, all the while still being decidedly feminine. Top notes included are an arousing mixture of lavender, bergamot, thyme and mint. Middle notes contain the intoxicating geranium, sandalwood, moss and cedar. The Burberry base consists of amber and tonka bean.

Burberry Women is a warm, musky fragrance that is subtle and suitable as an everyday scent. It can be described as the girl next door; she was schooled to be sweet and sophisticated, and always approachable. Women will love that Burberry is not floral, yet oh-so feminine. It its sweet, but not too sweet. It brings to mind times of staying in, with a special someone, watching a movie, fire place roaring, and a relaxing time on hand. Burberry can always be in your wardrobe because it’s such an effortless. It can be one of your go to perfumes for this very reason. It seems to last forever. Those who are fortunate enough to catch a whiff will be charmed. This fragrance is the ultimate in Burberry luxuriousness.