Burberry Watches

Burberry is a world recognised luxury brand that has earned a reputation for quality coupled with classic elegance design. UK’s Burberry brand was established in 1856 by Thomas Burberry in southeast England. Careful attention to detail in the years that have followed has earned Burberry a loyal worldwide following. Committed to quality and innovation during its 150 history has lead Burberry in creative new directions giving the firm a reputation for quality, steady design and forward thinking. Burberry recognises quality counts throughout its collections of women’s wear, men’s wear and accessories.

Burberry’s attention to detail is unsurpassed within the fashion market. No where is Burberry’s attention to detail more apparent than in its authentic watch collections.

Quality timepieces abound within the Burberry brand. Its Woman’s white patent mesh watch boasts superior design and workmanship partnered in a streamlined look. The checked broad colour and pattern of the model effortlessly transitions into its stainless steel colouring case giving the model an overall seamless effect that is attractive to wear.

The company’s Functional men’s timepieces are designed for comfort and practically. Burberry’s Men’s surf watch is a superior outdoorsmen’s timepiece boasting truly special qualities for sporting males. The practically and classic function of the piece is clear from its removable cuff feature to its solid diving bezel providing a classic timepiece for men of all ages. Burberry’s attention to detail will continue to provide the company with forward momentum into the future as it continues striving for the dream Thomas Burberry created 150 years ago.