Burberry Underwear for Men – A Hidden Gem!

Ah, the unmistakable tartan pattern that adorns almost every item the company sells-underwear is no exception. Burberry began in 1856 as a small company in England that produced outerwear.

The brand has blossomed over the years into its current image with an almost cult-like following. Today, Burberry produces an entire range of products, including, of course, a line of men’s underwear.

Burberry does sell their underwear online although it can be hard to find. The best places to visit are Burberry.com and department stores’ sites such as Bloomingdales, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus (or you could always actually go to these stores).

If you’re not one to typically peruse the mall in search of underwear, it may come as a shock that Burberry sells underwear; they don’t advertise on television (at least in the United States), and their print ads are usually filled with fully clad models. I own two pairs from this brand and I have to say that Burberry may be one of the best-kept secrets in men’s underwear.

The underwear comes in the standard four different styles: trunk, brief, boxer brief, and boxer and typically run from $28 to $45 depending on the cut. Although these prices may be slightly above average, the quality of the underwear makes up for it. I own both the trunk and the brief and they are some of the first pairs I reach for.

The fabric is a soft but stretchy blend of 92% cotton and 8% elastane, which means that you can wear them all day and completely forget that you have anything on. Their stitching is also solid and leaves no rough edges that could cause itching.

What these pairs have going for them in comfort is matched by their subtle but sexy style. Although Burberry takes a classic, refined approach to their men’s underwear (e.g., not too many patterns outside of the occasional tartan appearance, solid colors), both the trunks and the briefs fit snugly and retain their shape through many washings.

The briefs, in particular, are cut in a way to accentuate the male body: they are low rise with a semi-high cut side and the perfect amount of fabric for the backside (so there’s nothing hanging out nor any sagging material).

So go ahead; step away from your usual preferred brands for a moment to try a pair from Burberry. They won’t leave you disappointed.